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Greater Location {{{glocation}}}
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Residents {{{residents}}}
Ruler {{{ruler}}}
Enemies Chumbrella, Bellybird, Smashcan
Levels {{{levels}}}
Area Boss Old Man Lobber
First Appearance The Legendary Starfy
Latest Appearance The Legendary Starfy

??? is the in-game name for the tenth and final stage in The Legendary Starfy. Each level in this stage has a timer that marks how long it took for the player to finish it. In the end of this stage, there is a certain time limit for each level which if you beat, you proceed to the final level of the entire game. Old Man Lobber is the boss of this stage. He is not a bad guy, however, is there to train Starfy to be a king later on in his life. He turns golden and is nothing like the bath-loving old man in previous stages. His attacks are more powerful than anything you've seen in the game, except for maybe Mashtooth, the main antagonist of this game. If you beat him, there will be another story of afterwards, and a new selection of toys will be added to your toy machine.

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