The "Demo glitch", is a bug in Densetsu no Starfy. It has become increasingly popular for speed runs of the game, as its exploitation allows players to take control of the attract mode and skip to any stage from the second stage.


If the title screen is kept running the first demo will run as usual, though if it is exited when Starfy is falling into a hot air balloon (with an x-coordinate of 130), the moment the next demo starts Starfy will collide with the ground and the demo play will de-synchronise allowing Starfy to take control from the second stage.

Factory defaultsEdit

  • Access to every stage.
  • All methods of transport are unlocked.
  • Orange blocks can be broken.
  • Ability to get treasure.


  • Exploiting the glitch prevents the player from completing the picture book, so it is no longer possible to complete the game 100%.

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