The Endings are cutscenes in the first four Starfy games that are, as the name implies, the endings. There are three endings in all the games they appear. Simply known as Ending 1, Ending 2, and Ending 3. They are usually found in Moe's House. Ending 1 usually involves Starfy defeating the final boss, but the boss is not down yet and then Starfy usually has to collect something like treasure or cards before fighting the boss again. Getting Ending 1 marks the end of the first story and from here the player can revisit any stage in any order. Ending 2 usually involves Starfy beating the final boss again, but the boss still isn't down and Starfy didn't finish collecting whatever he needs to collect. Getting Ending 2 is optional as it is unlocked with Ending 3 if the player did not unlock it before. Ending 3 involves Starfy defeating the final boss for good after collecting all or almost all of what he needs to collect.

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