Japanese Name
Species Monstar
Family Junior (son)
Affiliates Starfy, Bunston, Moe
Homeland Bunnera
First Appearance The Legendary Starfy
Latest Appearance {{{latestgame}}}

Modo is a large obese Monstar from Bunnera. He is the creator of the Monstar crystals that allow Bunnerans to transform into members of his species. He, along with his son Junior are the creators of the space train The Cosmic Express which allows travelers to travel between the many asteroids in Bunnera's gravity field. He also seems to be friends with Bunston. He was also the person who gave Bunston the crystal to transform into Monstar. Then Bunston got the other Transformation Crystals to transform into Starfright,Starpedo,Roostar and Modo's Monstar.

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