Moe's younger siblings

Moe's family consists of a red clam, pink clam, and a green clam, who are Moe's younger siblings. They are not confirmed to have official names, but are referred as "Moe's younger brother," (The green one) "Moe's younger sister," (The pink one) and "Moe's other younger brother" (The red one) in Densetsu no Stafy 3.


Densetsu no StafyEdit

Moe's siblings only appear in the second staff credits, where it is revealed that they wanted some meat, a teddy bear, and a Game Boy Advance, but Moe could not get them those things because they didn't have any money. Moe tried to figure out where to find some money, but before he thought of something he saw Ruby and followed her instead. Later after Starfy defeated Ogura, Moe was rewarded with Treasure for helping Starfy. Moe then uses the treasure to get the things his siblings wanted. They all dance happily afterwards. Moe's siblings are also the last ones to appear in the Photograph.

Densetsu no Stafy 2Edit

Moe's siblings can be seen running around in Moe's House. They are also seen during the second staff credits in a flashback.

Densetsu no Stafy 3Edit

During the events in Coral Coast, Moe's siblings were missing and Starfy and friends had to find them. After they're all found, they give Starfy face paint. They are also seen in Moe's House having a pillow fight with Starfy and Starly. Moe and his siblings are playable in a Minigame.

Densetsu no Stafy 4Edit

While in Cupid Village, Anju tells Moe that his siblings stole her bow and arrow and Starfy must find Moe's them to retrieve it. They are also seen in Moe's House again.

The Legendary StarfyEdit

Moe's siblings will appear occasionally to ask you five questions. If you get them right, they'll tell you a fact. They can also be seen on "The Moe Show".

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