The Paper-Cut-Crusher is a move used by the Terrible Trio. It is as Papes says "our super secret special move" and can only be used when all three members are together. It is exact to the game rock-paper-scissors which is why it's name has paper (paper), cut (scissors) and crusher (rock)


When used the target is attacked and trapped in a cloud of smoke and they are then imprisoned in a box where they are grabbed by a hand (which resmebles Master Hand/Crazy Hand from the Smash Bros. series). They are then sent to a sport field where they battle in the fashion of rock-paper-scissors. They target will lose if it loses 3 times.


Moe says to look at how they move once Starfy is down to the last heart. There are two ways to tell what move what to do. The three blocks jump up with the rock, paper and scissors symbol, but the one that isn't in sync with the others (usally the last one to jump). Also the one that jumps the highest is the one that their gonna choose. These sometime happen at the same time or change up.


Each character has their hand in the shape in which they are portraied. However each character resembles what they portray.


Papes is the paper for the trio. The thing on the top of his antenae can be protraied as an open hand which is protraied as the paper in the game.


She is the scissors for the trio. He bunny-like ears can be portraied as a pair of scissors.


Since Ronk is the more brawn-then brain person in the group he is portraied as the rock. He is very strong and though aswell as he is very round which indicates he is the rock.

Starfy (Target)Edit

Starfy is all three of the moves and is snatched up by a hand. The hand is in the shape of the move he uses. If he wins a turn he is momentarily free.


The times, when and why they used the attack is listed here:

  • Starfy (2)-the used it on him to attempt to defeat him but they lost. The second time it was just a normal game of rock paper scissors.
  • Mega Mashtooth (1)-they used it to weaken him


  • The second time they use it Starfy uses his body to make his moves.

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