In the first game, it is shown that Pufftop is the home of Starfy. Starfy is first seen carrying several items through the hallways of Pufftop, among these items being the jar that holds Ogura which, at the time, is


Starfy and Moe meeting the injured Pufftop Guard near the entrance to Pufftop

presumably unknown to Starfy. Starfy then accidently trips and the items fall out of his hands, the jar falling off of Pufftop and into the sea. This event supposedly releases Ogura from the jar as great storms and winds, likely summoned by Ogura, assault Pufftop. The force from these storms blow Starfy off of Pufftop and into the ocean where his adventure begins. Starfy embarks on a quest through many places to reach his home once more. Finally, after clearing the Sea of Sky, Starfy enters pufftop, only to find it in ruin. Him and Moe meet up with an exhausted Pufftop Guard who relays to them that Ogura has taken over pufftop as none of the guards, including himself, were able to stop him from doing so. Continuing through the derelict Pufftop, Starfy eventually comes across several of the baby stars which are also denziens of

Picture 1

Some of the traps in the ruined Pufftop.

Pufftop. They are presumably lost and are taken into Moe's custody. Continuing on through Pufftop and facing its many intricate puzzles and traps, Starfy comes across six more of the Star babies, totaling 9 of them in total. After rescuing all the babies, Starfy comes across three doors, each of which leading to a switch that, when activated, wouldcontribute to opening the door to Ogura. When all three of the switches are activated, the door opens and Starfy continues on to battle Ogura. After defeating Ogura and resealing him within the jar, pufftop is returned to normal and Starfy's parents are seen along with several Pufftop guards congragulating Starfy and celebrating his return. Afterwards, Stafy is seen accidently knocking many treasure chests into the ocean which then begins his optional, second adventure to retrieve these said chest.

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