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Weak Spot Anywhere
Species Rabbit
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Fought At Focus Hill
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First Appearance Densetsu no Stafy 4
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Rabiati is a rabbit boss in Densetsu no Stafy 4. He'll attack with potions, time bombs, and mechanical fists. During the story, he kidnaps Materu.

how to defeat itEdit

Mostly, Rabiati is left vulnerable to attack, so he is easy to strike, but he will try to avoid this by dropping potions to damage Starfy, and sending a time bomb to damage him, but Starfy can carefully aim the bomb towards rabiatei to damage him a bit, and damage him on the ground.


Rabiati attacks by dropping potions that explode into a vapoury pattern of a rabbit skull and crossbones, sending out a time bomb that explodes within five seconds, and after taking damage, flies to the background of the screen and shooting Starfy with mechanical fists.

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