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The Toys feature (known as Picture Book in Japan and Trading Card in Densetsu no Stafy 3) shows most of the characters, enemies, and bosses in the games. In The Legendary Starfy, they have to be bought with Pearls. It is found in Moe's Suitcase and Moe's House.

Buying toysEdit

You can buy toys for 5 pearls. It will select one of the toy containers from the machine (see below) regardless if you already have the toy inside.

Toy containersEdit

There are three types of toy containers. They are all balls that have one white side, but the other side varies what's inside.

  • Blue: Normal enemy
  • Yellow with orange stars: Friend
  • Gray with a black, devilish smile: Boss

The toy containers in the machine are one of these three assortments:

  • One boss container, two friend containers and five normal enemies
  • Eight boss containers
  • Eight friend containers

Toy categoriesEdit

The toys fall in eleven categories:


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